Is the HCG Diet Plan Effective?

HCG Diet

In the US, obesity is nearing epidemic proportions and more as more and more people are becoming over-weight. Generally dieters do not lack the will to lose weight, however, the majority of weight loss programs are disappointing. This in turn forces dieters to fail from sticking to their new food regimes thus gaining back the lost weight plus more. The HCG diet is a tried and tested means of losing weight that is snowballing in its popularity and effectiveness. Part of the reason for it’s soaring popularity is the fast rate at which pounds are lost without working out. The HCG method is actually quite old, so over time it has proven to be quite safe as well as effective. Human chorionic gonadotropin is its scientific name. A diet plan is a strategic plan to choose foods that are most likely to result in healthy results.

Dr Simeons, Originator of the HCG Diet System

Physician Simeons: A doctor developed the HCG diet plan whose name is Dr. Simeons. So, the HCG Diet Plan was created by Doctor Simeons following is the name of the physician who came up with the HCG Diet Plan; Dr. Simeons. Half a century ago Dr. Simeons created this marvelous plan. Simeons conducted elaborate experiments about the hormone HCG and its role in losing weight in record time. It is advisable that a healthy diet containing only 500 calories accompanies regular HCG shots while on the HCG weight loss plan. The calorie intake is limited to 500 calories since A Doctor or a physician. Simeons maintained that the human body would always get the required amount of calories it needed using fat reserves as a source of energy. Therefore the food that is consumed is to restore the body’s capability of burning fat and maintaining the normal balance.

The HCG diet plan is especially beneficial because you’ll achieve fast and effective weight loss without any side effects. Moreover the developers and supporters of the HCG method of losing weight, are of the view that following this plan does not lead to hunger pangs as is the case with other diet plans. The food strategy uses all available calories to ensure sufficient nutrition. HCG is helpful in suppressing the appetite which in turn gives no woozy feelings. The HCG diet is also believed to be a healthy way of dropping pounds because it promotes fat loss and not muscle tissue. For a chiseled and tight body it helps to follow the diet plan. For the wellbeing of our bodies, the HCG plan is a fantastic option in this respect.

The HCG Weight Loss Cure, Revived by Kevin Trudeau

Although the HCG weight loss plan had been advocated by Doctor Simeons in the 1950s, it has been recently made popular by a book named The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau, a self proclaimed, alternative medicine advocate. The book consists of the detailed description of what the HCG diet plan is and what the phases of the diet plan are. According to the description, the HCG method involves three phases, the first of which is liver and colon cleansing by switching from processed to organic foods. The second phase consists of getting HCG shots daily under the supervision of health care personnel. The third phase stops the HCG doses. At that point regular food can be be consumed as long as this food is organic. Simple activities like walking and doing breathing exercises are also recommended along with the diet to aid quick weight loss.

The real HCG diet plan has proven to be a beneficial means of losing weight fast and there are numerous people that have benefited by following the program. On the other hand, the AMA and the FTC state there is insufficient evidence to conclude that HCG promotes weight loss.

The author who wrote this post is a local search marketing expert who has helped numerous small businesses get on the first page of the search engines. Being a firm believer of the real HCG diet weight loss method, he is presently using the the product himself and has lost nearly 20 lbs!

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