Lawn Care Tips From Jacksonville Lawn Care

Lawn Care Tips : How to Level Uneven Spots in a Lawn

Jacksonville Lawn Care serves all of Jacksonville providing all your lawn care needs. Any lawn service job whether big or small, its no problem for the professional lawn maintenance team at Jacksonville Lawn Care. They provide quality lawn care service while keeping their prices low. Visit the Jacksonville Lawn Care website to check out a list of services offered, a slideshow of their work, and to read customer testimonials.

Here Are a Few Lawn Care Tips for Jacsonville, FL Residents:

  • Fertilizing: Most grasses will benefit from four applications of fertilizer per year. Spread out 60 days apart starting in early spring approximately 30 days before the growing season starts in your area, continuing through the growing season until fall. Spring fertilizing gets the grass off to a fast start giving you that rich green color everyone wants. A word of warning though, don’t use too much fertilizer, follow the listed guidelines on the bag, or these generic instructions. Too much fertilizer will cause excess growth, lead to Fungus growth and weaken the grass.
  • Seed, Feed and Weed Control: Overseed and fertilize at the same and take care to give the new seed light watering daily until it germinates. Also, instead of using a winterizer or starter fertilizer, use both, mixing them at a two-to-one winterizer to starter ratio. This mixture can give the new seed the potassium and phosphorous it needs to establish itself quickly, as well as provide the entire lawn with slow-release nitrogen that can help it survive the winter.
  • Mowing is the most misunderstood part of lawn care, and the most often incorrectly performed part of lawn care. Far too many people will set their mowers too low or “scalp” the lawn. This leads to thin and dying out grass, shallow root systems, and in the long run, NO GRASS.
  • Watering: The Ideal way to water your lawn is with an Automatic Underground Sprinkler System. This way the watering is done every day that it needs it, you don’t have to drag hoses, you don’t waste water from

If you have more questions you can always call, email or wrtie us at: Jacksonville Lawn Care, 2446 Provost Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32216 (904) 446-5316
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